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Embarking on the creative symphony of life

Embracing the Opposites

Founder Miki, who studied design and architecture at a Japanese university, later engaged in marketing at an IT software company. Simultaneously, she attended design research at an overseas art school and pursued DJing, all while savoring city life in Tokyo.
Having visited places from Tokyo to Germany's BAUHAUS, she has a strong affinity for modern design. Possessing a keen aesthetic sense and a career in the IT industry, she values efficiency, productivity, and practicality.

The uniqueness of baolan lies in the "contrasting elements" within her.

This means that while emphasizing inefficient and emotional elements in areas like art, she places a high importance on the practicality of products. Designing products with not only unique aesthetics but also high durability, comfortable wear, and easy compatibility with other items, she ensures that maintenance is also convenient.

Furthermore, beyond appearance and convenience, each item carries a story or message, a distinctive feature. Placed in the information-rich IT industry, she ensures that each product has a background, proposing "elegant indulgence" rather than mere consumption. Yes, we need roses as well as bread. However, sometimes people forget the necessity of roses.

The jewelry she creates, amid a busy and slightly neurotic lifestyle, is not only functional but also conceptually designed, making it easy for those busy celebrating life to wear.

Products for creative people working in the city to spend their time in a good mood

We design products based on our daily lives in city, with the aim of helping busy city workers enjoy their daily lives in a pleasant and comfortable manner. We offer not only products for daily use, but also glamorous products that can be worn to a party or kitschy products that will make you smile.

Sustainability: "Using good things for a long time"

We prevent overproduction and consider the environment by adopting a completely made-to-order production system. The products we deliver are carefully manufactured just for you.

Our jewelry can be worn across generations. By using 18K, 10K, and SV925, we ensure that issues like "the plating peeling off and the color changing" do not occur. In particular, 18K is well-known for its high market value. For detailed information about the materials, please refer to the QUALITY page.

Aiming for a gender-neutral strength

Miki's birthstone, the sapphire, carries meanings such as "sincerity," "compassion," and "virtue."
It symbolizes praying for peace and steadfastly pursuing one's sincere feelings. Additionally, in Osamu Tezuka's manga beloved by Miki, "Princess Knight", the protagonist Sapphire is placed in a situation where she must live as a woman in the morning and as a man in the afternoon. Despite this predicament, Sapphire seizes happiness through her own strength.

We design our products with the hope that they will support you to "ride the waves of life lightly and achieve your own happiness".

Think freely about how you want to be and how you want to live. Be generous, dexterous, and easy-going, and be a fresh and pleasant person.
We hope that by using our products, you will feel and become such a person.